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Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi

kamla_nehruAbout the college:

Founded in 1964 this all girl’s college is named after Ms.Kamala Kaul Nehru, the eminent freedom fighter and wife of the great leader Jawaharlal Nehru.  The college is located in a posh South Delhi area and shares it boundary with Gargi College, yet another girl’s college. Over the years the college has been successful in establishing its base in the Delhi University and is considered among the prominent colleges of South Campus. The connectivity to the college is also great. The nearest metro station is Green Park on the yellow line. The college also has a bus stand named after it from which the buses operate at frequent frequencies making commuting cheap and easy.

Courses Offered:

The college offers a variety of courses under the Delhi University curriculum. The various undergraduate courses offered include Journalism Hons, B.A. HONS Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit, Sociology, B.A. PROGRAMME- Bengali, Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sociology, B.A. PROGRAMME- Advt. Sales Management and Sales Promotion, B.COM. Honors and B.COM. PASSAlong with these courses KNC as it is famously called (abbreviation of Kamala Nehru College) also offers post graduate courses in various disciplines. The various post graduate courses offered are M.A. (Hons) English M.A. (Hons) Hindi M.A. (Hons) History M.A. (Hons) Political Science M.A. (Hons) Philosophy and M.A. (Hons) Sanskrit. Along with these courses KNC also provides with add on certificate courses in French and Ecotourism which are a big hit among the students.

images (1)Infrastructure:

The college has a well maintained clean and green campus with a king sized playground. The classrooms though don’t have an AC are airy and spacious. Most of the classrooms are equipped with modern teaching technologies like speakers and projectors. The college has a beautiful and well designed fully air conditioned auditorium which has a good seating capacity. The 3 storey library is like an icing on the cake. The library is very spacious with one floor especially dedicated for reading which boosts of a pin drop silence. It is a well maintained and stocked library. The students can access 24×7 Wi-Fi on their phones and laptops without any restrictions. The college also boosts of an in-house photocopy shop which photocopies notes and books at a nominal price. The college provides with a gym with all the latest equipments, a common room where girls can sit and discuss, a student union office, NCC, NSS and sports rooms.

Canteen and Hangout Point:

The canteen is considered the most important and lively corner of KNC. It offers amazingly tasty food at very affordable prices. It has a large indoor and an even larger outdoor seating arrangement. The canteen offers dosa, idli, vada etc with rajma rice and macroni being the hot favorite. The campus also has a coke station and a Nescafe joint. A famous in campus hangout zone is ‘chaupaal’ which is always buzzing with the constant chit chats and chirping voices of girls. There are many outdoor hangout options for the KNC girls as the college is located at a prime location in South Delhi. The nearest and most famous being Mithaas, a high end restaurant. The other hangout options includes the Ansal Plasa which is just a 5 minutes bus ride away, the Hauz Khaz Village, and Sarojni Nagar and Lajpat Nagar markets. The famous Sirfort complex and theater are also just a 5minute walk away. There are a lot of hangout options available in and around KNC that one can never get bored.

Cultural Societies:

The college has a lot of all DU famous cultural societies which include Adagio –the choreography society, Engima-the western dance society, Glitz the fashion society, Lakshya-the dramatics society, Wide Angle-the film society, Snapshots-the photography society to name a few. The societies provide a platform to students to express and discover themselves. All these societies keep the campus afresh and lively all throughout the year.

 Annual Fest:

The college has a 2 day annual college fest named ‘Ullas’ which is one of the most famous and awaited college fests of south campus. The fest has various food, clothes and accessory stalls where the stuff sells like hot cakes. A different type of atmosphere engulfs KNC during the fest time. Students from different colleges and universities participate in different competitions which are held as a part of a festival. There is a special DJ and celebrity night also held. It is a fun filled fest which comes as a welcome break for students from studies.

Faculty and Placements:

KNC has one of the finest and well experienced faculty members in Delhi University. The faculty is an interesting bunch of old, new, young, junior and senior lecturers. The faculty is easily approachable and is very helpful. The college also boosts of an active placement cell which was established in 2006 to make the students aware about the various opportunities available in the job market.


Overall the college is a good institute and counted among the top Delhi University colleges.

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Can DU make you an ENGINEER?

imagesAmong the various changes that have been introduced in Delhi University this year, the most significant one has been the conversion of many B.sc courses into Btech courses. In all, DU has converted some six odd courses-computer science, electronics, instrumentation, psychological science, polymer science and food technology – that were earlier a Bsc or BA to Btech.

The Delhi University Officials have justified the change by saying that the university had taken this huge step for the benefit of students as this will make them eligible for Mtech courses in premier institutes like IIT, Jamia etc. Till now IIT’s admitted M.sc students in their Mtech courses but now with these new Btech courses the students can take admissions in their Mtech courses right away and thus they will be able to save a year. However, the IIT’s have a completely different take on this matter. According to them they have not got any official notification from DU regarding this and that, finally their senate will be last decision making authority in the matter.

Basically, the primary concern of all these institutes has been : Is DU Prepared for this huge leap? Well though the course’s syllabus has been fully revamped but as far as the teaching faculty is concerned it will remain same as it was for the B.sc courses. No special staff from technical background has been roped in for these courses which could be a major worrying point. Many officials from these top institutes have also questioned the rigour of these Btech courses under FYUP(Four Year Undergraduate Program).As according to FYUP, Du will teach just four paper on the main subject, 11 foundation courses and one Integrated Mind Body and Heart Course in the first two semesters which is contrast to the structure followed in other Engineering colleges.

There have been some initial hiccups among students regarding the new course outline and the most important thing ‘Placement’. The queries regarding these courses have been the most asked one among the various admission queries portals including ours. In spite of these unanswered questions about the course.The students have welcomed the change with open hands. As through this move Du has opened its doors for many engineering enthusiasts who earlier had to head to expensive engineering colleges. The general category admission were closed in many colleges after the first list in spite of sky rocketing cut offs.

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l_17392843This new PC from HP has revolutionized the way traditional computers are looked at. Hp Envy 23 Touchsmart is a smart looking touch screen desktop computer which combines in some really interesting features. It is a computer which is envied by all its counterparts in the same league and hence has been cleverly named Envy by HP.

Full Product name: HP Envy 23 Touchsmart

Price: Around 70000 INR

This new offering from HP Company has been successful in breaking the traditional ways in which a desktop computer was looked at. It is a smart, sleek and attractive looking touch screen desktop. The computer has a beautiful looking AIO with a large 23″ HD display. It runs on third-generation Intel Core i5-3470S processor and has 4GB of RAM. It also comes preinstalled with Windows8 .It comes with an Nvidia GeForce GT 630M graphics card which helps it to give a decent graphic performance. The computer has an intuitive touch which makes its usage even more interesting and easy.

A standard wireless mouse and keyboard are provided with the desktop. The big optical wireless mouse like any other typical mouse has a scroll wheel and two buttons. The mouse overall is accurate and responsive. The large black keyboard on the other hand has regular style keys. It also has a plastic border which is black in color around the edge. The lower left corner of the back of the screen mainly consists of ports. The ports on the left side include two USB 3.0 ports, a card reader and microphone and headphone jacks. The back ports include a lock slot and four USB 2.0 ports. On the other hand the right side of the screen consists of a HDMI output, plus, minus buttons to move through the menus, and a Blu- ray drive.

The 23-inch touch screen comes with 1080 x 1920 resolutions. The computer has a DVD-RW player and a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. As a touch screen the computer works pretty well, its touch is very smooth and quick. All the pictures and videos look and sound fairly clear and nice on touchsmart. All in all this new experiment from the HP Company is a big winner as it is easy, sturdy and fun to operate.


Performance: 6/10

Features: 7/10

Pricing: 7/10


*Windows 8, 64-bit
*Third-generation Intel Core i5-3470S processor.
*4GB of RAM
*An Nvidia GeForce GT 630M graphics card.
*23-inch touchscreen with 1080 x 1920 resolutions.
*Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n


Large 23″ 1080p HD screen. 10-point touch.


Glossy screen. USB 2.0 ports.

Bottom Line

A beautiful looking AIO with a large 23″ HD display, but gives an average performance.

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Health—is it your wealth?

images (8) For many of us health is just being fat or thin , if a person is thin he or she is healthy and if fat well he or she is FAT enough said. But what many of us don’t realize is that health is just not all about  a person’s physical outlook..it has a  much deeper complex meaning which all of us need to understand in order to lead a healthy lively livelihood. The word “health” comes from the Old English word hale, meaning “wholeness, a state of being whole, sound or well,”. Health is wealth is a  very old saying but have we ever pondered is health really our wealth?  Even if it isn’t  no need to panic .Here we come to your rescue and list  some important tips which you can incorporate and follow in your daily life so as to become a healthy wealthy human being.

1)    images (4)Don’t skip that breakfast : Are you one of those who regularly skips breakfast in order to reach your office, college on time and then crave throughout the day and deal with mood swings. According to various studies skipping of breakfast leads to unhappiness which in turn leads to mood swings which ultimately leads you to eating more. So in order to avoid this vicious cycle avoid skipping your breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.

images (5)2)    Exercise:  No I am not telling you to spend your precious time and money on those magically expensive gyms  but  instead having a simple brisk walk after eating  your meals can  also help  you attack those extra calories and cut down  that extra flab.

3)    Sleep: After eating and exercising comes sleep. An average adult needs about 6-8 hours of sound sleep per night . Sleep is a great cure ,it is a time when your body relaxes and recovers, and when your immune system is improved. Sleep also helps our digestive system to work properly which in turn affects our health.images (6)

4)    Remain hydrated:  H20 is not an important formula only in science but it holds a special significance in our daily lives too. Drink at least 8 glass of water in a day. Water is often the drink of the wise man and  our bodies are made up of 60% water. It is involved in every function in the body, including circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients and the transmission of electrical currents in the body which control our nerves, muscles and hormones. So water is the secret drink for a healthy being.


So all those lazy people out there from today put on your sneakers and  start the walk towards a healthy you!


Century of Cinema!!

12Lights! Camera! Action! – These words were first heard by the Indian audience’s long back in 1912. Since then Indian cinema has travelled a long way from Dadasaheb Phalke’s Raja Harischandra. Cinema which is the lifeline of many Indians turned 100 years on 21st April, 2012. Indian cinema has indeed come a long way from what it used to be a century ago. It is now not merely about running around the trees and emotional outburst. Films nowadays have more character and a strong storyline to depend upon to become a box office hit.

The Mumbai based film industry nicknamed as Bollywood is the largest producer of films over all world. It is soon catching on to its English counterpart in terms of business, technology and content. It’s primarily because of the fact that now the new generation does not eat everything which is served on their plate like it used to do ages ago.

Now the audience demands content and that too good one. Of course there are exceptions like ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’ in the recent times which became runaway hits but that was probably because of the huge fan following of Salman khan and Akshay Kumar rather than the content.

100 years ofCinema has matured in terms of everything ranging from acting to music to content but one thing over the decades has remained constant the concept of hero worship. Indian cinema has seen some magnificent actors ranging from the great Raj Kapoor to evergreen Dev Anand or the ever charming Dilip Kumar. People back then would throb to the theaters just to watch their favourite hero or heroine doing their signature step or gig. But with the changing times the script has become the new hero. Earlier films had more emotional content in them which used to hit the audience straight in the heart and they used the feel the pain which the protagonist used to go through.

Cinema during its impeccable journey of hundred years has witnessed a vast range and mix of movies from romantic to action to emotional. Whether it was Ramesh sippy’s out and out action film Sholay or K. Asif’s Mughal-e-Azam they all had a certain charm about themselves and thus were able to engrave their names in the heart of cinema lovers for lifetime. The music which is considered as the soul of a film was much more calm and melodious at that time as compared to today’s music which is more towards the rock and pop genre. Songs back then were abruptly placed rather forced in a movie completely out of the sync of the story but now with the advent of new media and technologies songs in a movie are much more appropriately placed and somehow help to take the story forward. Cinema whether old or new has survived the test of time.Bollywood Plans To Celebrate 100 Years Of Indian Cinema

Over the years, it has also been a source of great entertainment for the general masses, a form of relaxation which anybody would love to enjoy on any given day. Things would come and go but for Indians the love of cinema would never die and as for all the cinema Minacs out there we can only hope that our cinema hits many and many more centuries and we never get to hear those dreadful words “Pack up”!

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