Health—is it your wealth?

images (8) For many of us health is just being fat or thin , if a person is thin he or she is healthy and if fat well he or she is FAT enough said. But what many of us don’t realize is that health is just not all about  a person’s physical has a  much deeper complex meaning which all of us need to understand in order to lead a healthy lively livelihood. The word “health” comes from the Old English word hale, meaning “wholeness, a state of being whole, sound or well,”. Health is wealth is a  very old saying but have we ever pondered is health really our wealth?  Even if it isn’t  no need to panic .Here we come to your rescue and list  some important tips which you can incorporate and follow in your daily life so as to become a healthy wealthy human being.

1)    images (4)Don’t skip that breakfast : Are you one of those who regularly skips breakfast in order to reach your office, college on time and then crave throughout the day and deal with mood swings. According to various studies skipping of breakfast leads to unhappiness which in turn leads to mood swings which ultimately leads you to eating more. So in order to avoid this vicious cycle avoid skipping your breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.

images (5)2)    Exercise:  No I am not telling you to spend your precious time and money on those magically expensive gyms  but  instead having a simple brisk walk after eating  your meals can  also help  you attack those extra calories and cut down  that extra flab.

3)    Sleep: After eating and exercising comes sleep. An average adult needs about 6-8 hours of sound sleep per night . Sleep is a great cure ,it is a time when your body relaxes and recovers, and when your immune system is improved. Sleep also helps our digestive system to work properly which in turn affects our health.images (6)

4)    Remain hydrated:  H20 is not an important formula only in science but it holds a special significance in our daily lives too. Drink at least 8 glass of water in a day. Water is often the drink of the wise man and  our bodies are made up of 60% water. It is involved in every function in the body, including circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients and the transmission of electrical currents in the body which control our nerves, muscles and hormones. So water is the secret drink for a healthy being.


So all those lazy people out there from today put on your sneakers and  start the walk towards a healthy you!