3 Time Management Tips For Recent College Grads

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Juggling four courses a semester with a part-time job, time with friends, hobbies and family visits on top of budgeting for food, personal expenses, and bills really teaches you something about real life. But when it’s time to kick into gear for full-on autonomous living, how can you really be ready?

Setting long term goals, then short term objectives to reach them, is a good start. Here are some day-to-day basics to help you get on the right track:

1. Use an organizational system (that works for you)

Organizers, planners and calendar phone apps are great tools to use for keeping your responsibilities in order. Even with fancy smart phone reminder apps and alarms, it still takes effort on your part to set it up.

Block off 30 minutes in the evening to fill in your calendar with tasks for the next day, and set up several email…

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