Century of Cinema!!

12Lights! Camera! Action! – These words were first heard by the Indian audience’s long back in 1912. Since then Indian cinema has travelled a long way from Dadasaheb Phalke’s Raja Harischandra. Cinema which is the lifeline of many Indians turned 100 years on 21st April, 2012. Indian cinema has indeed come a long way from what it used to be a century ago. It is now not merely about running around the trees and emotional outburst. Films nowadays have more character and a strong storyline to depend upon to become a box office hit.

The Mumbai based film industry nicknamed as Bollywood is the largest producer of films over all world. It is soon catching on to its English counterpart in terms of business, technology and content. It’s primarily because of the fact that now the new generation does not eat everything which is served on their plate like it used to do ages ago.

Now the audience demands content and that too good one. Of course there are exceptions like ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’ in the recent times which became runaway hits but that was probably because of the huge fan following of Salman khan and Akshay Kumar rather than the content.

100 years ofCinema has matured in terms of everything ranging from acting to music to content but one thing over the decades has remained constant the concept of hero worship. Indian cinema has seen some magnificent actors ranging from the great Raj Kapoor to evergreen Dev Anand or the ever charming Dilip Kumar. People back then would throb to the theaters just to watch their favourite hero or heroine doing their signature step or gig. But with the changing times the script has become the new hero. Earlier films had more emotional content in them which used to hit the audience straight in the heart and they used the feel the pain which the protagonist used to go through.

Cinema during its impeccable journey of hundred years has witnessed a vast range and mix of movies from romantic to action to emotional. Whether it was Ramesh sippy’s out and out action film Sholay or K. Asif’s Mughal-e-Azam they all had a certain charm about themselves and thus were able to engrave their names in the heart of cinema lovers for lifetime. The music which is considered as the soul of a film was much more calm and melodious at that time as compared to today’s music which is more towards the rock and pop genre. Songs back then were abruptly placed rather forced in a movie completely out of the sync of the story but now with the advent of new media and technologies songs in a movie are much more appropriately placed and somehow help to take the story forward. Cinema whether old or new has survived the test of time.Bollywood Plans To Celebrate 100 Years Of Indian Cinema

Over the years, it has also been a source of great entertainment for the general masses, a form of relaxation which anybody would love to enjoy on any given day. Things would come and go but for Indians the love of cinema would never die and as for all the cinema Minacs out there we can only hope that our cinema hits many and many more centuries and we never get to hear those dreadful words “Pack up”!

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Bye! Bye! cracked phones says, Samsung.

images (3)In the mid of a boring lecture..Suddenly you hear a beep sound, you realize it’s your Smartphone and you reach out for it with all enthusiasm..and Oops! It just slipped out of your tender hands leaving the screen all cracked. Naah..no need to cry over spilled milk. Samsung has got a magic wand for you. Samsung in Korean means “tristar” or “three stars”. The word “three” represents something “big , numerous and powerful”, the stars on the other hand mean eternity. Proving true to its meaning stands Samsung’s latest invention . This very technology could mark the end of cracked phone screens. The company debuted its flexible phone prototype recently at the International CES in Las Vegas. Made of  organic light emitting diodes famously known as the OLEd’s , this new phone by the technology gigantic is like a breath of fresh air which would swap plastic for glass in screen. The phone comes with a 5 inch, 16.9 resolution screen which is quite impressive. According to a Samsung spokesperson, the screens will be “foldable, rollable , wearable and more. They will allow for a high degree of durability through their use of a plastic substrate that is thinner ,lighter and more flexible than the conventional LCD technology . Though the concept of creating flexible electronics sounds very amusing it is not the first. This very idea has been touted since the 1960’s when the first flexible solar cell arrays appeared .Since then many companies have been working on the idea though now it seems that Samsung has surely walked away with the cake. The company though hasn’t yet announced the price of the “unbreakable” phone but according to the gadgets pundits it is going to cost a hefty amount keeping in mind its extraordinary features. The phone can be expected to hit the international markets somewhere in the first half of 2013but as far as the Indians are concerned they may have to wait a bit longer. Whatever the technology may be, it certainly seems that very soon our phones will not just be smart but bendy too. So, all those gadgets freaks out there…Be ready to attack!!!

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Donate Blood, Donate Life!

  IMG-20130212-WA003A voluntary daylong blood donation camp was organized by the National social service department of Kamala Nehru College in collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society on 12 February in the college premises.  The whole campus was buzzing with posters and balloons to encourage the students to come forward and donate blood. Some 250 red and white balloons adorned the whole campus. This is an annual exercise conducted by the NSS department of the college for last 15-20 years and has remained a big hit with the students. In this fast paced world where people don’t find time for themselves, blood donation comes last on their list. But such camps organized at their door steps really encourage them to come forward and do their bit of contribution for this noble cause.

Mrs. Mandeep Kaur, the teacher coordinator of the event talked about the importance of such camps in colleges and how the younger generation should be encouraged to engage themselves in such noble causes.  The camp started at 9 in the morning and lasted till 3 in the afternoon. Initially the turnout was not that good but as the day progressed the crowd swelled in numbers.  Around 300 students registered for the event but quite a few got rejected because of low hemoglobin count. Niharika Singh, journalism honors, 1 year was left disappointed when she was turned back for having low hemoglobin count. She said ‘I was really looking forward to it. It was going to be my first time. I am really feeling sad and disappointed. Nevertheless I hope I am able to donate blood next year’.  The first timers were both enthusiastic and nervous at the same time as they didn’t know what to except. Charu Gupta who was donating blood for the first time said ‘I am both nervous and excited at the same time, nervous because I don’t know what exactly is going to happen, excited because this is going to my first time. She also added that she always wanted to donate blood but somehow couldn’t find time to do it.IMG-20130212-WA006

The donors went through a series of medical checkups before donating blood. Throughout the event a high level of hygiene was maintained. The donors were given refreshments consisting of juice, sandwiches and biscuits after they donated the blood. The experts present in the donation van advised students to follow a healthy life and assured the nervous ones that their withdrawn volume of blood would be restored within 24 hours. To keep the momentum going and boost the confidence of the donors a nukkad natak by the students of IIT Delhi was also organized.  Their play “har ek boond zarrori hoti hain” was centered on the importance of blood donation in today’s scenario. Their performance was highly appreciated and applauded by all the spectators present there. It even encouraged some of them to overcome their fear of needle and go ahead and donate blood.  The event concluded by the organizers taking the handprints of each donor on a chart so as to keep as a memory of the camp. The entire event was a huge success with large number of people turning up for the noble cause.IMG-20130212-WA002

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